Hosting services

Parameter / Plan XS S L M XL
Disk space 1 Gb 4 Gb 8 Gb 20 Gb 40 Gb
Websites 1 3
Control Panel DirectAdmin DirectAdmin DirectAdmin DirectAdmin DirectAdmin
Free domain - 1 1 2 3
. 1.2 USD 2.23 USD 3.57 USD 5.37 USD 8.97 USD
11.52 USD 22.75 USD 34.27 USD 51.55 USD 86.11 USD

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Thousands of websites are already working on our servers, and you go to us, and we will help you with this.
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Technical information about hosting
Technical area
Our equipment is located in Ukraine on-site DreamLine and Datagroup data centers has over 9 years as well. And in the European data centers in Amsterdam and Frankfurt for data security.
For hosting services we uses server based Intel Xeon X3450, E1230 v3. with 16 Gb ram.
Data security
We use cloud technologies for for uninterrupted access to your website. Every day we make backups. All backup data store 5 days..
Hosting configuration
Support PHP, Perl, Python, SSI, Ruby. Hosting control panel DirectAdmin. Site statistics Awstats. Webmail baset on Horde, RoundCube, SquirrelMail. We installs additional modules by request to support.